Our Missions RATP Cooperation

Technical assistance and training

From the identification of the need to the mobilisation of the stakeholders, our partners can count on the RATP group’s proven technical expertise. Studies, expert notes, training services, etc.: our mission covers all professions related to the development of a mobility system and its management. RATP Cooperation assists operators in developing their project and solving all their operational issues: governance, institutions, management, organization, training.

Consulting & Project Management Assistance

RATP Cooperation helps its partners evaluate and then structure their public transport projects. During this preliminary project phase, we develop design and implementation studies using the resources of the Group and its subsidiaries. Our areas of expertise include operation and maintenance, intelligent transportation systems, and advertising and commercial space management.

Global solutions for sustainable mobility

In projects that go far beyond operations and maintenance, the RATP Group brings its expertise in engineering, NTI, intelligent transport systems and even in other areas related to urban planning, supply design and governance. In each case, RATP Cooperation is responsible for identifying the appropriate resources in order to adapt to each local context. As the integrator and developer of these solutions, RATP Cooperation takes all environmental and local parameters into account.

Urban transport or sustainable mobility?

Can we still talk about “urban transport”? Obviously yes, but the notion is somewhat reductive compared to that of “sustainable mobility” whose meaning is much broader. The “urban transport” is only one link in the complex chain of mobility. We will therefore prefer it because its approach, both holistic and innovative, includes ITS, soft modes, car-sharing, digital technology, the enhancement of spaces and many other areas: all elements contributing to an operational and efficient management of the entire travel chain.